NFL Players You Wouldn’t Want to Miss Out on Your Fantasy Roster

NFL football betting has, in a way, increased the global popularity of most NFL players. As a result of this, several fantasy leagues have also become more prominent. To those who are not aware, fantasy leagues provide an online platform to the fans in order to help them create their own roster. However, building a fantasy team is not as straightforward as it sounds, mainly due to the several player options, and also the several rules and restrictions of the fantasy leagues. There is no specific formula to building up a fantasy football team; being aware of the trends and news would suffice, in most cases. The fitness levels of the players must be taken into consideration while building a team, so that injuries and other fitness issues do not hamper the overall performance of the fantasy team in the future.

There are a lot of quality players to choose from; most of these players are capable of turning the game around single-handedly. Websites like offer plenty of betting-related services and suggestions to the fans. The NFL betting experience on such websites can really be a breeze, without having to incur any cost. Choosing the best of the lot can prove to be a never-ending task. However, with the right strategies and planning, an inevitable roster can be put together.

The following are some of the finest NFL players who should be considered on any fantasy league roster or plan:

Donnie Avery

Donnie Avery plays for Kansas City Chiefs, and he is a power-packed performer, to say the least. Though the NFL odds have been sometimes against him most of the time, he has always ended up performing better, thereby proving his detractors wrong. He plays at the wide receiver position and has had a great last season. He is, therefore, someone who can certainly prove to be a valuable fantasy football player for a number of reasons. His statistics and skills really speak up for himself. His ability to catch passes from just about anywhere makes him one of the most sought after players in the league. Not to mention, Donnie is one among the favorites of several NFL betting online websites.

Tyler Eifert and Jermaine Gresham

Jermaine Gresham and Tyler Eifert play for the Cincinnati Bengals, and are well-known for their quick and able reflexes. According to several NFL football betting websites, Tyler and Jermaine are two of the most versatile players. The best thing about them is that they complement each other’s game quite splendidly.

Markus Wheaton

Markus Wheaton, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver, is becoming quite popular with people betting on NFL players. Markus is not a crowd favorite for nothing; he really has some excellent football skills that speak up for his reputation and fan following. People looking out for a smart rookie may just find the right pick in Markus Wheaton.

Pierre Thomas

According to a famous NFL football betting website, Pierre Thomas is well-known for his horse-like running speed. Pierre has been very successful in his more than half-a-decade career, with his recent performances being quite a standout. As far as the Fantasy League goes, he might have some tricks under his sleeve.

Ed Dickson

NFL betting odds have mostly been in favor of Ed Dickson. Ed is quite a renowned NFL star, who would probably be part of most fantasy league rosters. Though he has had some injury issues in the past few months, it has not really hampered his performance considerably. In fact, he is about to make his comeback quite soon. He is one of the best players at the moment, and can definitely make it big in the fantasy league, as well.

The NFL is a huge stage for budding and experienced American footballers. Fantasy leagues, on the other hand, give an opportunity to the fans to become an even integral part of the game, rather than just being a mere spectator. Fans get to choose their own roster, and which is probably the biggest reason behind Fantasy Football League’s success.