Future betting tips on the top NFL teams

American football – especially the NFL – is the sport that
attracts the most betting action in the US, with just the Super Bowl
alone attracting around $5 billion worth of betting. When it comes to
the NFL, making ‘futures’ bets means betting on the outcome of various
things for the season ahead – as the name would indicate – and this is a
big business, because so many people want to put bets on the outcome of
the next NFL season. However there are some tips that can help you when
it comes to future betting on the top teams.
One of the most important future betting tips for the NFL is to resist
the temptation to put major amounts on the hot favourites either very
early in the new season or before it even starts. For example teams like
the New England Patriots, the San Francisco 49ers and the Denver Broncos
are hot favourites for both their leagues and the Super Bowl, and thus
attract the most future betting action, but if you hold out until the
season is a little further along, you will still get good odds on those
favourites that are delivering, while avoiding losing your money on
those that aren’t. Alternatively you can avoid the low odds favourites
altogether – as stats show that in the previous four seasons, the Super
Bowl winners have not been the winners or second placed team in either
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